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Our mission is to help children thrive. They have a much greater chance of growing up mentally healthier if they are cared for by adults who are mentally healthy. Browse Courses

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We are an award-winning, social enterprise, prioritising children’s mental well-being by educating those who work with, and care for children, by hosting a “Shared Learning” platform with evidence-led courses developed by professionals.  “Small steps creating big change” 1 + Children Reached 0 + Downloads 0 Since

Participant Testimonials

Emotional Intelligence was so helpful! 
Students were surprised to think that there were aspects of healthy anger and that it was ok to get frustrated from time to time however this should only be for short times it is when we are angry for the majority of the time it poses a problem.
Miriam Grier
Primary School TeacherJune 2022
Loved the Module Dealing With Anger
Acknowledging and reinforcing that anger is a normal emotion and response to frustration is something that I’m glad was emphasised as no emotion should be ignored; all these should be identified and expressed.
Dean Keen
Primary School TeacherApril 2022
Stressed at Work
The title of this course catch my eye as I am struggling with stress at work at the minute, I found the lessons on Managing Conflict and Problem Solving in the Workplace most applicable and I will put what I have learned into practice. I like how you can come back to each lesson when you need to. I found it easy to follow and helpful for me.
Tom Harmon
UnknownJan 2023
Excellenet Service
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Sherry Hernandez