Children’s Mental Wellbeing-For Parents

· February 8, 2023

As parents, it is natural to focus on our children’s physical health, providing them with nutritious food, regular sleep and adequate exercise. However, caring for their mental well-being is equally important as it is an integral part of their overall well-being. In this course, you’ll gain the skills and resources as a parent to help manage your child’s mental well-being.

    • Michelle O Brien designs this course (BSc (Hons) Psychology H Dip Psych., MIACP) a fully qualified and accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist.
    • Certified, on-demand, self-paced, and evidence-based you will gain the skills to help manage your children’s mental well-being.
    • Children are likely to experience better outcomes when they have support from their parents. When children are given the help they need, they are more likely to lead happy and healthy lives, which in turn has a positive impact on their future prospects.
    • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Why Is It Important To Manage Your Child’s Mental Well-being?

Mental well-being is the foundation for healthy and fulfilling relationships, academic success, and overall happiness. When children are struggling with mental health issues, it can have a significant impact on their daily lives, affecting their school life, and relationships with friends and family. It is therefore imperative for parents to take an active role in promoting and supporting children’s mental well-being.

Here are some reasons why it is important to care for our children’s mental health:

    1. Early Intervention: we believe by teaching children how to look after their mental health from an early age, becomes a normal practice. Managing their mental health before a problem arises is key.
    1. Improved Relationships: Mental health problems can cause difficulties in relationships with friends, family, and peers. By addressing mental health issues early, parents can help their children build and maintain healthy relationships with others.
    1. Increased Resilience: Children who receive support and care for their mental health are more likely to develop resilience and coping skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

We as parents play a crucial role in promoting and supporting our children’s mental health, and early intervention is key to ensuring better outcomes. By taking an active role in our children’s mental health, we can help them lead happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives. If you are worried about your child please contact your GP.

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