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Frequently Asked Questions

Those working in health and/or education professions, Primary School Teachers, Secondary School Teachers, Early Years Practitioners, Social Workers, Social Care Workers, Youth Workers, GPs, Nurses, SNAs/CAs, Counsellors, Home School Community Liaison Officers, Principals, and in Ireland and all International Schools and of course parents.

You have access to the course for 8 weeks. You’ll have access to all lessons right away and can go at your own pace

Many of the courses are self-assessed but some require you to upload assignments which are assessed by the course creator. You will be given resources and examples which you can use to plan your own lessons on 8 topics for example this is key to the course Teaching Children’s Mental Wellbing.  In this course we ask you to confirm after each lesson that you have prepared at least one lesson on that topic, and trust you to do so

Yes, you can download your certificate on competition of the course.